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Our Mission:   The Treffpunkt Language School aims to foster engagement with the richness of cultures of the German-speaking world through a focused and rewarding study of the German Language. Offering classes and tutoring geared toward heritage speakers, German language enthusiasts, academics, business people, and children, we help any one interested in cultivating their German language skills to achieve increasingly greater fluency.



Simone Richert was born and raised in Berlin, Germany. She moved to Arizona in 2002 and became active in the German community in 2009 by founding a group called „Deutsche Familie“, where she organized numerous events for German families throughout the valley. She started to teach German for little ones and adults in 2013. She worked with a dual Kindergarten immersion program at the Hills Arts Academy in 2013 and also led a group called „Singen, Spielen und Lernen (Sing, Play and learn) that school year. In 2014 Ms. Richert started teaching German at Eduprize jJunior High and High School where she developed and taught German within the International Baccalaureate (IB) Program. She organized an exchange with German students through a program called „Explore“ and traveled with her students throughout Germany and Austria in 2017. Currently she is serving as the Secretary of Arizona Chapter of American Association of Teachers of German. Simone is looking forward to teaching and organizing events for the German speaking community at the Treffpunkt Sprache.

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